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C.E.M. at Brookside
Equine Quarantine Facility

After importing several horses many years ago, I realized there was a New England need for a quality C.E.M. Quarantine Station for breeding stock. These horses need a pleasant environment to be boarded during the waiting period and testing of mares and stallions imported into the U.S.
— Lyn Spinella


Providing Outstanding Care for your MARES:

  • Brookside Equestrian Center is a US Department of Agriculture certified facility.
  • Veterinary care is provided by Massachusetts Equine Clinic.
  • Our well appointed ten-stall barn is a self contained quarantined area.
  • The adjacent wood-fenced paddocks are completely separate from other horses on the farm.
  • Due to the nature of C.E.M., we can turn out horses daily, if requested.
  • C.E.M. at Brookside is only a few miles from Route 146, making us easily accessible from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Service Fee Schedule:

  • Mares (2-3 week stay) $2,000.00 all inclusive.

Fee includes:

  • Quality Care
  • Daily Grooming
  • Three Daily Feedings Poulin Grain/Timothy Grass Hay
  • Riding/Schooling/Lungeing Available
  • Private Turnout or Hand Walking
  • Friendly, One-on-One Service

Items Not Included in the Quarantine Fee:

  • Any veterinary services deemed necessary by the State Veterinarian over and above enumerated C.E.M. procedures
  • Farrier Services
  • Dental Services
  • Transportation to and from quarantine station
  • Special Requests

What Is C.E.M.?

Contagious Equine Metritis or C.E.M is a venereal disease of horses caused by bacteria and spread through breeding. Ultimately, C.E.M. results in a mare's inability to conceive. Stallions can carry the bacteria, but do not show clinical signs. Federal law requires that all breeding horses over the age of two traveling to the United States from a country that is known to have the disease must go to a C.E.M quarantine facility for rigorous testing and treatment. Geldings are not considered breeding horses.

Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Quarantine Station:

  1. Will my horse be turned out?
    While most stations are unable to provide daily turnout for quarantined animals, at Brookside your horse will enjoy turnout in our grass paddocks adjacent to the station.
  2. Will my horse be groomed daily?
    The cleanliness and comfort of your horse is paramount at Brookside. Your horse will be groomed daily and special care will be taken to ensure a pleasant stay while in quarantine.
  3. Will my horse get personal attention?
    At Brookside your horse will enjoy three feedings per day with the grain of your choice (when available) and timothy/grass hay. Do you have a special request? We always do our best to accommodate special needs.
  4. Does your facility off pick up service from the USDA quarantine in New York?
    We offer pickup service from USDA Newburgh for a very reasonable fee. Please call for more information.
  5. What about exercise for my horse during quarantine?
    While Rhode Island will only allow authorized quarantine personnel to enter the quarantine station, our resident trainer is a USDF Certified Instructor and is available to exercise your horse during quarantine stay.

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